100 years ago, 1912
The Mystic Theatre’s Novelty Orchestra, which is a distinct innovation in dance orchestras, is winning a name for itself locally. It was something of an experiment with Manager Gray, but it is now an institution and the people like it. The novel part of the orchestra includes a mirimbaphone, which is a sort of overgrown xylophone, and large enough for four people to play on at the same time, a set of electrical Swiss bells, a set of organ chimes and sundry xylophones. All of this is in addition to the usual orchestra equipment. Something over a thousand dollars worth of musical instruments are collected before the screen in this theatre.

50 years ago, 1962
The Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn will also offer skating next winter. The stream which runs to the rear of the lodge is in the process of being widened and will provide a skating rink 60 by 200 feet, according to area manager Otto H. Wallingford. The work has been under way for a week and will be completed in about another two days. Wallingford reported that the access road has been widened considerably and graveled and that the power terminal for the new T-bar lift has been installed and work on installing the tension terminal is almost completed.

25 years ago, 1987
As hospitals and health-service agencies across the nation are finding it more and more difficult to find people willing to make nursing a career, Androscoggin Home Health Services is making plans to do something about its own problem. “Across the board, we’re experiencing difficulty in getting staff, although we’ve had some better luck than hospitals because nurses and aides like working in the home setting, partly because there’s more autonomy,” according to Don Kniseley, vice president for planning and development at AHHS. One of the solutions the agency is looking at, he said, is revamping the pay scale. Androscoggin Home Health is also exploring how to better facilitate training of the staff it needs, he said.

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