LEWISTON — Tim Lajoie, a lifelong Lewiston resident, is announcing his candidacy for Maine House District 74.

Lajoie, a Republican, faces incumbent state Rep. Peggy Rotundo, D-Lewiston.

“It’s time the people of Lewiston had a seat at the table, rather than letting Augusta dictate solutions to the problems in our community,” Lajoie said in a written statement.

“I know the people of my district. I delivered their newspapers when I was a kid, played in their neighborhoods growing up, and coached their kids in Little League.”

Lajoie is a 1985 graduate of Lewiston High School and, except for his service in the military and his time in college, has lived in the city all his life, the release said.

“Many growing up here now will have to leave the area for better opportunities,” Lajoie said. “How will that first Christmas without my daughter or son feel because they live out of state? Many of my neighbors have already experienced it. I want Lewiston to be a place where our kids can build a life and be proud to call Lewiston home.”

Lajoie said returning Lewiston to a “blue-collar ethic” is key. 

“Faith, family, and honest hard work made Lewiston a strong community when I was growing up,” he said. “Today it seems to be the opposite.”

A corrections officer with Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department and a police chaplain, Lajoie said his life and law enforcement career have prepared him to serve in Augusta, he said.

“I believe I can provide the proper balance of compassion with hard reality,” Lajoie said. “We need new and realistic approaches in Lewiston and Augusta. The approaches of the past 40 years or so haven’t worked.”

Lajoie earned advanced degrees in Theological Studies and Management and Leadership Studies, according to a release issued by his campaign.

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