100 years ago, 1912
Boxing fans are to see two heavyweights who have met before in a match at Lewiston City Hall this evening. They are Leo Sockalexis of Old Town and Ernest Boucher of Auburn. When Boucher made his first appearance as a boxer last year, he met Sockalexis. They got in about two blows each and there was so much steam behind them that it was all over. The Auburn strong boy was the winner.

50 years ago, 1962
Two Auburn firemen rode out the wild ride of the 13-ton Engine Three yesterday as it vaulted several feet into the air while on its way to a fire. “We’re lucky to be alive,”Lt. Elmo Gosselin declared after he and Pvt. Rosario Pate left the disabled fire truck, shaking and with pale faces. The truck was on the way to Howe Street when the drive shaft broke into pieces. This happened on Court Street adjacent to the Merrill-Haven Farm, and the stub of the drive shaft began slapping against the bottom of the truck with each revolution. The slapping drive shaft lashed savagely at the under portion of the truck, smashing the water pump, the brake system and the muffler ,and hit against the floorboard of the cab, smashing it under the two firemen’s feet. Finally, at the bottom of the hill, the end of the drive shaft stuck into the pavement and the truck literally leaped into the air, pole-vaulting on the remains of the shaft.

25 years ago, 1987
Restaurants in the Twin Cities were prepared for a new state law that went into effect this week requiring them to have a nonsmoking area available for patrons. Many restaurants, such as No Tomatoes Restaurant and Lounge at 36 Court St., Auburn, have developed their own no-smoking policies over the past few years. “It’s no problem because we’ve always had one,” said Cindy Boulay, manager of No Tomatoes. She said about a dozen of the restaurant’s 70 seats are designated for non-smokers, although the number can increase depending on the number of requests they receive.

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