When my wife, a registered Democrat, received an anti-Cynthia Dill direct mail piece paid for by the Maine Republican Party, I thought it was odd since she isn’t usually on their mailing list. The piece was titled “Democrat Cynthia Dill Too Liberal for Maine”.

At face value, the piece is covered with statements designed to convince the recipient how far left Dill is. The first thing to catch my eye was “Supports Marriage Equality.” I thought that was weird; supporters call it “marriage equality.” Opponents usually call it “same sex marriage” or “gay marriage.”

Next, I read a quote by Dill calling the Keystone Pipeline an “enormous environmental risk.” There is nothing about why that would not be a legitimate statement. Prominent on the piece is an apparent Portland Press Herald oped quote: “Maine Voices: Cynthia Dill: U.S. Senate campaign is a challenge against fear.” There is also a Kennebec Journal headline: “Dill Running for Senate, a Proud Progressive,” followed by a quote “I don’t think that being a progressive Democrat means that you’re partisan.”

Clearly, the Maine Republican Party, backed by money from out-of-state interests, is targeting moderates and progressives to vote for Dill, not against. Why? Because they know their only shot at holding on to the Senate seat is to siphon off support for front-runner Angus King. Why else would they waste money attacking a candidate polling at 11 percent?

Talk about being deceptive, cynical and pathetic.

Mark Bilodeau, Auburn

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