Colleen Quint had my vote the minute she said she was running for state Senate.

I am fortunate. I already knew she was an experienced leader, professionally and within her community. I also knew she was a thoughtful person and hard worker. I now know that her common sense and ability to ask the hard questions are two of her most admirable traits.

Since Quint began her campaign, I have been struck by her dedication, and I recognize in her a genuine commitment to serve.

When I recently met Quint’s mentor, former Sen. George Mitchell, I realized some parallels of character that embody what a representative should have: a true desire to work with others toward a common goal (even if viewpoints differ), and the ability to use every opportunity to learn and move forward for the benefit of everyone.

Colleen Quint has my vote now, more than ever.

Lisa Ward, Lisbon Falls

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