LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen were updated this week on Androscoggin County’s proposed fees for dispatching police, fire and emergency medical services, which would cost the town nearly $34,000.

“We’re still looking at other options to see what is best for the town and the community,” Town Manager Kristal Flagg said.

The newest proposal is to charge $10.65 per peron for the services, with a different amount slated for each one, she said.

The county’s proposed prices are $6.15 per person to dispatch police, $2 for the public safety answering point to answer 911 calls and $2.50 to dispatch fire and emergency medical calls, Flagg said.

The county is using the wrong population figure for the town, she said, and she has told them so. There are 3,187 residents in the town, not 3,481 as the county is using.

If the charges are approved by county commissioners, it would cost the town $33,941 above the core services, using the correct population number. Commissioners were expected to vote on the matter Wednesday night.

Core services paid through county taxes would be considered the jail, the Sheriff’s Department and the courts, among other things. The Sheriff’s Department handles civil warrants, Flagg said.

The town has appropriated $21,000 for dispatch fees for six months.

Voters eliminated the town’s dispatch center in 2009 because they expected their county taxes to cover the dispatching service, as it did for some other towns in the county.

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