Welfare: it means giving something to someone who does not have it.

It means far more to this country than just food stamps. It encompasses such things as low-priced loans provided by the government, subsidies (such as the farm program), tax loopholes, redistribution, disaster relief, health care, Social Security, pensions, unemployment compensation and any assistance to any group to the exclusion of everyone else.

The government (both parties) has been passing welfare laws to buy votes since FDR was elected, and probably before that.

If we could do away with all welfare at the federal and state levels, taxes could be cut by more than 50 percent. That would cut all the federal agencies except judicial and defense (which could see some reductions). Probably lead to the biggest boom in history.

Our society is a democracy (one person equals one vote). It has been said that a democracy can last only until one group learns that by voting together, they can control governmental actions. It has also been said that process lasts about 200 years.

When the welfare recipients take enough of the providers’ assets, the economy will crash into bankruptcy and a dictatorship will ensue.

I am afraid this nation is on that path.

President Obama is floundering and has lost his oars.

Harold Thurston Jr., Fryeburg

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