Len Greaney has proven business experience and organizational skills, including serving as Rumford’s town manager. He has actively supported the Oxford County veterans. He researched records from the Revolutionary War to the war in Afghanistan and was responsible for the placement of flag holders and flags marking the graves of fallen heroes. He was instrumental in the design and installation of Rumford’s Vietnam War Memorial.

The father of two daughters, Greaney understands the value of quality education. He will work so young people will receive needed training to successfully compete in today’s global environment.

As a small business owner, I am concerned about taxation, regulation and Maine’s economic growth. Maine needs a man in Augusta with integrity, vision and the ability to grow the state’s economy so all may prosper while preserving the natural beauty of this state.

I enthusiastically endorse Len Greaney for state Senate.

David Kimball, Rumford

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