When I served in the Legislature, successes came from Lewiston having a voice in both the Republican and Democrat caucuses. We disagreed on policy but when fighting for Lewiston we were united.

Lewiston desperately needs that again and there is a chance to do it.

Two great men are running for the Maine House. Two men who have devoted years serving the community. Two men who both grew up here, lived here and raised families here. One as a councilor and one as a fire chief: Republican Larry Poulin and Democrat Mike Lajoie.

They know Lewiston, they know the people. The seniors are the parents of their friends and the children are the friends of their kids.

As a Republican, it is odd to endorse a Democrat, but it is time to put aside partisan bigotry and vote for Lewiston.

Poulin and Lajoie, Team Lewiston, deserve support.

Stavros Mendros, Lewiston

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