LEWISTON — Police are investigating weekend incidents at Rite Aid pharmacies in Lewiston and Gray involving an apparent fake prescription and theft of drugs.

The first incident occurred at about 11 a.m. on West Gray Road in Gray; the second at about noon on Lisbon Street in Lewiston. Police are trying to determine if the same person was involved in both.

The Lewiston incident was initially reported to be an armed robbery, but Lewiston police said Monday that it was not.

They said the department received a report at noon Sunday that a man had left the Rite Aid pharmacy at 987 Lisbon St. after showing the pharmacist what appeared to be a fake prescription note.

“After waiting a few minutes for the pharmacist to respond, the subject left the store,” according to a statement from the Lewiston Police Department. “There was no weapon displayed, no threats, nor any drugs obtained by this subject,” it said.

About an hour earlier, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department responded to the Rite Aid pharmacy in Gray where a man stole an undisclosed amount of pills. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the man handed the pharmacist a note demanding prescription drugs. Though no weapon was displayed, the pharmacist believed he was armed and surrendered the drugs. The man fled the store.

He was described as white, approximately 6 feet tall and medium build. He was driving a silver or white Jeep Wrangler.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a “still-photo from the Lewiston pharmacy revealed a suspect with similar physical characteristics to the Gray robbery.” Anyone with information is asked to contact Cumberland County Sheriff’s Detective John Fortier at 774-1444.

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