Horror fiction writer T.G. Arsenault, a 1988 graduate of Edward Little High School, recently released his second novel, “Bleeding the Vein.”

The book revolves around Retired Navy Petty Officer Eddie Townsend, whose regrettable mistake is falling in love with a beautiful Filipino stripper on his first tour of duty.

He can’t resist her intoxicating temptations, even when she makes him do ever-stranger things — until the night he partakes in something so grotesque, so unthinkable that he knows he has to kill her.

Now a struggling alcoholic, “Fast Eddie” lives a reclusive life in Shadow Creek, a small Maine fishing community. Local fishermen know to walk around his sprawled body in Town Square most mornings and use his predicament as a source of amusing conversation.

When a putrid stench fills the air as an unnatural fog rolls in, memories of time spent in the Philippines claw their way to the surface and threaten Eddie’s demise. Something wicked is preying on the sleepy fishing town of Shadow Creek — a grotesque creature of legend that feeds on the most innocent and helpless of townsfolk.

Masquerading behind the guise of its beauty, it comes during the night, leaving despair, desperation and death in its wake. When a little boy disappears, Eddie has a chance to end the source of his nightmares for good.

After 22 years of service, Arsenault retired from the U.S. Air Force and now resides with his wife and son in Rochester, N.Y. He received a bachelor’s degree in workforce education, training and development from Southern Illinois University and a master’s degree in management from Troy University.

His first novel, “Forgotten Souls,” was published in November 2005 by Five Star Publishing. His short fiction has appeared on multiple online venues and in anthologies. 

“Bleeding the Vein,”published in October by Gallows Press, is available at Amazon.com and GallowsPress.com.

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