The holidays are a time for family gatherings. As you gather with yours this season, take this quiz on some famous family ties.

It’s no secret. Being an entertainer certainly seems to run in some families. Take the Cassidys, for example. Actor Jack Cassidy married actress Evelyn Ward in 1948. The couple had a son, David Cassidy, who became an actor-musician. The couple divorced in 1956, and Jack Cassidy married actress Shirley Jones. Cassidy had three sons with Jones, Shaun, Patrick and Ryan. Like his half-brother David, Shaun Cassidy had some hit shows and songs before moving on to writing, directing and producing. Patrick and Ryan Cassidy also act, as does David?s daughter Katie Cassidy.

Here is a list of some other famous family ties. See if you can match up the pairings. (Note: In most instances, only family members with some prominence in the spotlight have been listed.)


1) Edgar Bergen A) Marlo

2) Joel Grey B) Liv & Mia

3) Ozzy Osbourne C) Candice

4) Danny Thomas D) Jennifer

5) Steven Tyler E) Aimee & Kelly

Answers: 1) C, 2) D, 3) E, 4) A, 5) B


1) Blythe Danner A) Kate

2) Judy Garland B) Melanie

3) Goldie Hawn C) Jamie Lee & Kelly

4) Tippi Hedren D) Gwyneth

5) Janet Leigh E) Liza & Lorna

Answers: 1) D, 2) E, 3) A, 4) B, 5) C


1) Lewis Arquette A) Matthew

2) James Broderick B) Beau & Jeff

3) James Brolin C) Scott

4) Lloyd Bridges D) Josh

5) James Caan E) Alexis, David & Richmond

Answers: 1) E, 2) A, 3) D, 4) B, 5) C


1) Colleen Dewhurst A) Sean & Mackenzie

2) Polly Draper B) Ben

3) Patty Duke C) Sean

4) Anne Meara D) Campbell

5) Yoko Ono E) Nat & Alex

Answers: 1) D, 2) E, 3) A, 4) B, 5) C


1) Ben Affleck A) Omar

2) Alec Baldwin B) Casey

3) Ethan Coen C) Jerry

4) Cuba Gooding, Jr. D) Daniel, William & Stephen

5) Dick Van Dyke E) Joel

Answers: 1) B, 2) D, 3) E, 4) A, 5) C


1) June Carter Cash A) Dorothy

2) Olivia de Havilland B) Ashlee

3) Lillian Gish C) Margaux

4) Mariel Hemingway D) Helen & Anita

5) Jessica Simpson E) Joan

Answers: 1) D, 2) E, 3) A, 4) C, 5) B


1) Jason Bateman A) Shirley

2) Warren Beatty B) Angelina

3) Richard Carpenter C) Andrea, Sharon & Caroline

4) Jim Corr D) Justine

5) James Haven E) Karen

Answers: 1) D, 2) A, 3) E, 4) C, 5) B


1) Jason London A) Tamera

2) Tia Mowry B) Mary-Kate

3) Ashley Olson C) Nicholle

4) Cole Sprouse D) Jeremy

5) David Tom E) Dylan

Answers: 1) D, 2) A, 3) B, 4) E, 5) C

Did you get most of these right? Yeah? Way to go! No? No biggie. Some of Hollywood’s family ties are so complicated it is hard to remember who is related to whom. Take the Coppolas, for instance. They are a well-known family in the field of entertainment, and there are many of them, including award-winning cousins Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Cage. Sofia Coppola and her brothers, film director Roman Coppola and the late film producer Gian-Carlo Cuppola, are the children of director Francis Ford Coppola. Cage and his brothers, actor-radio DJ Marc Cuppola and director-producer Christopher Cuppola, are the sons of the late professor August Coppola. Francis Ford Coppola and August Coppola are brothers. They also have a sister, Talia Shire. Shire is an actress and mother to Matthew Shire and actor-musicians Robert and Jason Schwartzman. Francis Ford Coppola, Talia Shire and August Coppola are the children of the late composer Carmine Coppola.

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