RUMFORD — Seven years ago the Central Maine Medical Family developed a program, GEMS, which recognizes clinical staff and clinical support staff for excellence in five areas: clinical excellence, customer service, education and research, leadership and community service. The ultimate goal of the program is to demonstrate commitment to excellence in patient care throughout the system.

GEMS stands for Growth, Enthusiasm, Motivation and Spirit. The GEMS program recognizes staff at three levels, or steps of achievement: sapphire, ruby and diamond. In order to keep standards high, staff members are awarded GEMS status for two years, after which they must re-apply for their current level or a higher level. The three levels carry increasingly tougher criteria.

Staff members apply to the GEMS program by meeting a required number of criteria and submitting proof of certifications, education and leadership, as well as their managers’ signature on special GEMS forms. At each hospital — Bridgton Hospital, Central Maine Medical Center and Rumford Hospital — an interdisciplinary committee comprised of both clinical and nonclinical staff people reviews the applications, making certain the applicants have met all the criteria. Managers are not eligible for the GEMS program.

Kim Akers, R.N., has been a ruby level GEMS recipient since the program’s inception in 2005. A resident of Rumford, Akers is the supervisor of the day surgery.

Sally Arsenault, R.N., is also renewing her GEMS status. Arsenault is a diamond level GEMS who works in the operating room. She lives in Hanover.

Amanda Dalton, R.N., has moved to diamond status from the ruby status she achieved in 2010. A birthing center nurse, she lives in Canton.

Cynthia Dawson, speech pathologist with therapy services, has achieved the diamond status. She lives in Roxbury.

Dale Gaudreau, R.N., clinical coordinator for med/surg, has become a diamond GEMS. The Bryant Pond resident had been a ruby since 2008.

Sylvia Goodman, R.N., is an intensive care unit nurse, She lives in Rumford and renewed her diamond GEMS status this year.

Fran Hannon, R.N., an operating room nurse, renewed her ruby status. She resides in Rumford.

Vikky Milledge, R.N., another operating room nurse, achieved diamond GEMS status. She lives in Rumford.

Rhonda Norton, physical therapist, has achieved diamond status. She resides in Turner.

Betty Palmer, R.N., renewed her diamond GEMS, an honor she has held since 2008. She resides in Dixfield.

Melissa Pelletier, R.N., an operating room nurse, renewed her sapphire status. She lives in Rumford.

Jamee Therault, a Mexico resident, has achieved sapphire GEMS. She is a physical therapy assistant in the therapy department.

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