This is in response to your Dec. 21 article concerning the low bid of $4,875 for a new two-station computer bench for the Franklin County Superior Courtroom.

Although I do not reside in Franklin County, I am a taxpayer there. I am dangerously assuming the county commissioners approved this as it seems a pass-through reimbursement from the Judicial Branch.

As a Maine taxpayer, I also have an interest there. It bothers me commissioners did not object to this.

Is there no contractor in the area who can remove a slanted bench top and install a level one for the computers?

Can another computer station not be constructed?

I suggest Staples or Office Max for two computer stations and some scrap steel plate instead of the Kevlar lining, which is an added expense and not included in the bid.

Do they think this is what normal people have? The world may have not ended on Dec 21, but it seems we have officials from another galaxy.

As they are elected, I vote to send them to Washington, D.C. They would still be in their own little world, but surrounded by others of their kind.

Yes, ’tis the season for giving and no expense is too great as long as it’s someone else’s money.

Eric Wilcox, Leeds