FARMINGTON — Registrations for the 21st season of prep basketball are being taken by the Farmington Recreation Department.

The entry level basketball program is for boys and girls in grades one and two or who are 6 years old. It introduces youngsters to the sport of basketball in a noncompetitive format.

Each child will begin to learn the rules and fundamental skills of the sport of basketball through drills, fun games, contests and controlled scrimmages. Players will learn a basic understanding and working knowledge of the game.

Farmington Recreation intends to make this a pressure free atmosphere to learn and enjoy the game. There will be no team assignments, playing schedules to follow or trophies to win. Players will use the most appropriate youth size basketballs and the rims at the Community Center Bjorn Gymnasium will be set at 8 feet to encourage shooting success for all.

Director Kim Richards has many years of basketball coaching experience. She has been the director of the Junior Pro Basketball program for the past 21 years as well as the 1991 travel team coach and a three-year student volunteer coach. Dustin Richards, Kim’s son, has been assisting her in doing the prep basketball program over the past several years.

A single group of players will meet each Wednesday starting Jan. 9 from 5:30 to until 6:30 p.m. This is a five-week program that is held in the Bjorn gymnasium at the Farmington Community Center.

Registration fee for prep basketball is $2 for residents; $5 for who do not reside in Farmington, Farmington Falls, West Farmington or Fairbanks, or whose parents do not pay property taxes to the town of Farmington. A souvenir prep basketball t-shirt will be provided to each participant at no extra cost.

Registration deadline for this program is Wednesday, Jan. 9. Registration forms are available at the Recreation Department office in the Farmington Community Center on Middle Street.

For more information on this developmental program contact the department at 778-3464.

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