100 years ago, 1913

Joe Dignard of Sabattus, famous hunter and animal trainer who for the past two days has been scouring the territory between East Auburn and Turner and further for panther tracks, left the trail yesterday afternoon, but if weather conditions continue favorable, will resume the hunt Monday. To the Sun last evening Mr. Dignard stated that there was absolutely no question but that at least two American pumas, a mother and a cub, have been prowling around Maple Hill. Joe felt somewhat concerned over the report that “A. L. Jackman of Lewiston shot a large Canadian lynx in the woods at West Auburn last Wednesday” which it carried that the panther mystery had been solved. He said, “If this Jackman fellow has shot a lynx, why doesn’t he produce the goods?”

50 years ago, 1963

Most Auburn and Lewiston gasoline filling stations now have the new high prices posted on gasoline but at least three in Auburn still had signs out last night offering a low octane rated gasoline at 21.9 and 22.9 cents a gallon. Several other stations were offering the lower octane gasoline at 27.9, 28.9 and 29.9 cents a gallon.

25 years ago, 1988

Nearly 40 residents of Greene attended a hearing with selectmen last night on the proposed installation of cable television service here, United Video Cable Vision representatives shared information and answered questions about their company’s services. Selectmen were told that since a small percentage of subscribers’ fees are paid to the town, a revenue of “a couple thousand dollars a year” could be collected in Greene.