TURNER — In a study conducted by the Health Resources and Services Administration on clinical quality measures at community health centers across the U.S., DFD Russell Medical Centers came in first in Maine and the country for its superb commitment to quality care.

DFD Russell is one of nearly 1,200 community health centers nationwide; together these centers provide care to more than 20 million people. As a partially federally funded health center, DFD serves many low-income, often-uninsured patients. The federal government has recently begun measuring the quality of care (clinical quality measures) at these centers to determine whether patients are getting appropriate care.

According to the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, DFD Russell achieved stellar marks for its work in diabetes control, hypertension control, cervical cancer screenings, and asthma therapy.

DFD Russell Medical Centers are at 7 South Main St., Turner; 11 Academy Road, Monmouth; and 180 Church Hill Road in Leeds.