DEAR SUN SPOTS: When I was a small girl I had a book in the shape of a gorilla; the book was titled “Gamby.” I don’t know the author. I have checked in the bookstores and have not been able to find it.

I was wondering if any of your readers would have this book or know where I could find it. It was a soft cover book. I would be willing to buy it for a reasonable price.

I love your column and look forward every day to reading it. I can be reached at 207-645-2601. — No name via email

ANSWER: You should have hung on to that book, as Gambie (note that it’s “ie” not “y”) is now a collector’s item and rather expensive. Sun Spots found it on eBay and Abe Books (which sells rare and antique books) for $60 to $120.

If you want to spend that much, a Google search for “Gambie Gorilla” will turn up those options. The author is Roselle Ross.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks for what you do.

I know it’s late, but we still have three small and three large feral cats that need protection from the cold and blowing snow. We could use a Fisher Price doll house that a child is no longer using, also those little toy garages, for shelters.

Thank you. — Richard, Lewiston, 783-3632

ANSWER: Sun Spots hopes you get some help soon. Meanwhile, you might wrap a large cardboard box in a garbage bag or other plastic, then put a smaller box inside it with a small door cut in the side and some towels or blankets inside.

Sun Spots has a friend whose father used to put a heating pad (on low) in such a box for a neighborhood stray.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In the Dec. 23 paper there was a story about a garlic farm in Sumner. That’s all the address it gave. There are 17 roads in the Sumner area. Which one is it on?

Also, I do not have a computer, but where could I find the album, cassette or CD, of the 1990 “Best of Eddie Bruce?” He’s a country singer. — Donna, Peru

ANSWER: Sun Spots apologizes for the lack of location detail in the story. Because it’s so easy to look up things online sometimes we forget that there are people without computers who appreciate the contact information.

Allium Farm (allium is Latin for garlic) is at 1132 Main St., Sumner. The phone number is 632-0786.

For those who are online and would like to buy their products, the website is

As for your music request, Sun Spots has gotten a good many of these queries lately, so she called Bull Moose Music, which has a Lewiston store (Lewiston Mall, 20 East Ave., 784-6463, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday) to see what used music is available.

Sun Spots was lucky to speak to a helpful young woman there, who said that Bull Moose’s 11 locations sell both new and used music. If one of its other stores has an album you want or it can be ordered, Bull Moose will do that for no charge.

Unfortunately, the album you seek is out of print. Used copies are available at, but the prices start at $38.87. If you are willing to pay that, you can call Amazon at 1-800-201-7575.

Bull Moose does have other music by Bruce, or you can check back periodically at the store and see if “the best of” has come in used. Or perhaps a reader will have a copy to share.

As for cassettes, although they have largely been replaced by CDs and digital music, Bull Moose does still sell music cassettes for 25 cents each. Or you can buy a four-pack of blank cassettes for $4. If someone else has the album, they might be willing to make you a cassette or CD.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few weeks ago I attended a performance by Louis Phillipe at the Franco-American Heritage Center. When I got home I realized I’d lost my gold necklace, and it was the first time I wore it.

Much to my surprise, the next morning’s paper had a photo of the event and a lady holding my necklace and talking to the new director. I recognized the lady, Lucille, and called her to let her know it was mine and to thank her.

She told me it was found in the parking lot and turned in. Thank you, whoever you are! — Rachelle, Lewiston

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