HARTFORD — Townspeople voted unanimously Saturday to close the transfer station on Marble road and accepted an article to go to curbside pickup of bulky waste. The town already has curbside pickup for household waste.

Voters also unanimously accepted the old schoolhouse on Church Street. The deed to the Historical Society said that if the society dissolved, the property would go to the town. The society dissolved in October. The one-room schoolhouse was deeded to the society in 1899.

The one negative vote came when the town rejected a request from selectmen to sell the condemned transfer station site.

Resident Leslie Boness said it was futile to spend time discussing an article that was not accurate in composition She said the property had not been acquired by taxation, but if it had, the board already would have the right to sell it. The town bought the transfer station site in the 1980s.

Selectman Lee Holman said she was opposed to the article because the board had not evaluated the property sufficiently to see what it was worth. The site has two lots: One is 68 acres and the other is 4.5 acres.

There has been some discussion of keeping the site for timber.

Maureen Wheeler suggested a park development of the site or keeping it for a woodlot, but not to rush to sell. The article was unanimously defeated.