FARMINGTON — Two large commercial truck batteries were taken off a  propane truck owned by Twitchell Fuel Co. over the weekend.

The battery box on the side of the vehicle was dismantled and damaged, Farmington police officer Stephen Gould said. A small bag of tools, perhaps used to get the batteries, was also taken from the oil company at 259 Farmington Falls Road.

The theft was discovered Monday morning by Beth Twitchell, who said she was there on Saturday, but may not have noticed the truck. Police believe the theft occurred between Friday and Monday.

The two batteries are about two or three times the size of a regular car battery and will cost $150 a piece to replace, he said. The battery box will also require some repair.

Police continue their investigation as the fuel company determines whether anything else is missing. No other businesses  around Twitchell’s have reported anything missing, Gould said.

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