In early December, game wardens put the word out through television, newspapers and on their website that no ice on the lakes in the state of Maine was safe. Now the taxpayers of this state have to spend untold thousands of dollars to recover bodies of people who think those type of warnings are for other people, not them.

Now, some members of the the family want to punish the Rangeley area and its small business climate by implying that it is disrespectful to have the Snodeo later this month because the bodies have not been recovered. Somehow the relatives feel they should be able to dictate how the people of Maine should react to their loss and seem to desire economic harm to the businesses in the area.

Maine needs to implement laws that will recoup taxpayer money that is spent to recover people who have made bad choices.

I do have compassion for the loss the family is going through, but instead of turning their grief on the businesses of Rangeley, perhaps they should get a booth at the Snodeo and promote snowmobile safety.

Jeffrey Snipe, New Gloucester

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