RUMFORD – The Rumford Public Library will participate for the first time in Take Your Child to the Library Day on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Children’s librarian Sue Marshall said the library will invite musician Lois “Spoons” Grassette to perform from 11 a.m to 1 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.

“This day will help get kids in here and show them what we’re all about,” she said.

Marshall said Grassette earned the nickname “Spoons” because of her ability to play a variety of instruments during her performances.

“She’s performed here once before, and the kids absolutely loved her,” Marshall laughed. “She plays the spoons, the guitar, the fiddle, saws.  I know she’s used the jawbone of a whale before as an instrument.”

Take Your Child to the Library Day was started by Nadine Lipman of the Waterford Public Library in Connecticut.  Marshall said Lipman came up with the idea as a follow-up to Take Your Child to the Bookstore Day.  Although it has been around for two years, Marshall said Rumford Public Library didn’t participate.

“This year, from what I’ve heard, there’s at least 10 libraries that will be participating,” Marshall said. “That’s a lot more than last year.”

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