JAY — Spruce Mountain Adult Education classes starting the week of Jan. 28 include the following. To enroll in these classes or for more information telephone 897-6384. All course fees must be paid in advance of class start date; we accept cash, check or online payments at www.rsu73.org.


Introduction to Word: Beginning computers. Learn how to use or brush up on skills for this Microsoft Office 2013 software that allows creation and editing of documents.

Introduction to Excel: Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2013. Learn how to add and subtract columns and rows, how to create a basic graph, resize columns and rows, among other basic Excel features.

Basic accounting: This is an introductory course for those who have never had any accounting experience or would like to brush up on skills.


Yogalates: Yogalates is a combination of traditional yoga and Pilates. It combines breathing, a mind body connection, gentle stretching and isometric holding poses to increase strength. Yogalates is a joint-friendly exercise ideal for those wishing to increase strength without the pounding effects of traditional classes.

Nutrition: Discussion on caloric needs, calculating BMR and activity, maintaining weight, losing weight, calories in, calories out, reading labels, portion sizes, good fat vs. bad fat, exercise for increasing muscular strength, glycemic index.

Hypnosis can help: During the four weeks with Dawn and Dennis, learn about hypnosis and other proven techniques and how to use them as powerful tools to feel better and live a happier life.

Co-ed volleyball: Two hours of non-competitive coed volleyball. All you need are a pair of sneakers and be ready for some fast action and excitement.

Credit recovery

Chemistry: This course presents the important basic principles and concepts of chemistry. Laboratory work and problem solving will be employed to investigate these principles.

English: The goals of this course are for students to develop skills and to acquire a life-long appreciation of reading and writing.

Basic accounting: An introductory course for those who have never had any accounting experience or would like to brush up on skills.

TechSmart: This 15-week class is ideal for the person wanting to learn or refresh computer skills. Are you planning on going to college? Do you want to increase your knowledge of computers? If so, this class is for you. Class begins with a basic keyboarding followed by the study of MicroSoft Office 2013.

WorkSmart: Review skills, interests and your experiences and relate them to career options. Learn how to jazz up your resume, properly complete forms, write a letter of application and prepare for the “winning interview.” Develop a step-by-step plan to achieve career goals.

Algebra: Students learn to translate real life problems into mathematical formulas in order to solve them. Students will learn how to graph, write and solve systems of equations.

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