All I hear about these days is how the state is millions of dollars in debt. If state officials are so worried about it, they should fire all the people who work in jobs where money is involved, have an audit and hire people who won’t spend what the state doesn’t have.

Such stupid things, such as the head of the Turnpike Authority stealing all that money. He’s in jail, but to show how stupid things are: he will get a pension (and a darned good one, too). Anyone involved should be fired. Get new people in who have to pass a lie detector test. If they pass the test, they get hired.

Someone needs to watch over such stuff, and not a buddy or niece or uncle. A professional auditor is needed.

And cut the pay to state workers; they get more than most other people in the state. Then there might be money enough so people who are freezing could get some help with buying oil.

I hear that some officials are proposing that people who smoke must pay for their mistakes. They don’t care, they make the big bucks, so to hell with the public. There will be a lot of thieves stealing cigarettes and going to jail, where it will cost the state more money than it is worth.

Maine is so mixed up, it makes me sick. Gov. LePage should go back and do what he does really well.

Freeman Lewis, South Paris

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