STRONG — Strong Area Dental Center is celebrating 10 years of providing dental services to more than 4,000 residents each year.

“We take great pride in offering quality dentistry in a rural setting,” practice manager Jewellyn Baker said. “Since the dental center opened, we have had a marked improvement in our communities’ oral health, and children are receiving care much earlier and risk of caries has declined.”

Hygienist Sharon Smith-Bouchard has been at the dental center from the beginning and played a vital role in bringing the practice to Strong as a member of the committee behind building the center in 2003. She also provides outreach to SAD 58 schools by teaching healthy brushing habits at an early age.

Dentist Amy Alexcovich has been at the dental center for five years and provides a full range of dental care services.

Over the 10 years, the center has continually upgraded its equipment and techniques, and currently uses some of the most advanced dental technology available.

For more information or to make an appointment call 684-3045. Online at

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