AVON — Voters at Saturday’s annual town meeting will be asked to approve a budget of $198,000, which is $30,000 more than last year and reflects costs for road repairs.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. March 16 at the town office.

Elections will include a SAD 58 director and third selectman, both for three years, and a tax collector, a constable, a road commissioner, a health officer and a treasurer, each for one year.

Ellen James will not seek re-election to the school board. Jason Plog has said he will serve, if elected, according to First Selectman Greta Espeaignnette.

If nominated and elected, Maureen Haley would continue as treasurer; Jerry Haines would continue as road commissioner; and Mary Dunham would serve as town clerk and tax collector.

Any resident can be nominated from the floor for those positions.


“This year’s budget is roughly $198,000,” Espeiagnnette said. “Most is attributable to the roads increase and ambulance services.” The 2013 budget represents about $30,000 more than requested last year, she said.

The town needs to appropriate and raise funds for the repair of summer roads, and selectmen recommend using $35,000 from excise taxes and raising $15,000 for this, Espeiagnnette said. 

Selectmen also recommend appropriating $35,000 to plow and sand winter roads.

The town has an outstanding loan of $115,000 and taxpayers approve the annual $15,000 payment for that each year. A matching amount from the Urban Renewal Investment Program account also is applied toward that loan repayment.

Espeaignnette said selectmen suggest a way to fund some major road reconstruction work would be to combine that $115,000 loan balance with a new $125,000 bond. The money will continue to be used for major road reconstruction, including repairs and paving on Hare Street and patching deteriorated sections of Mile Square Road. Spread over 10 years, the annual loan payment will remain the same, she said.

“At an estimated 3.87 percent interest, we estimate costs over 10 years to be the principal, plus $30,235 in interest,” she said.

Although other accounts are in good shape, fuel and insurance keep increasing, she said. The town contracts with Phillips for waste disposal and with the Strong and Phillips fire departments for firefighting service. Those costs have not varied significantly from last year, Espeiagnnette said.

Fifty-two percent of 2012 tax dollars went to support SAD 58, according to Espeaignnette’s report. Road costs, at $67, 759, were the next largest category at 10 percent of the 2012 budget. Franklin County taxes were $40,046.

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