PARIS — Two weeks after announcing that auditors had stopped work pending reconciliation of the town’s general ledger, Town Manager Amy Bernard said Monday that the town may be on track for an audit of fiscal year 2011 before the June town meeting.

Bookkeeper Janet Smith, who was contracted to reconcile the town’s funds, has completed reconciling the payroll and operating accounts to the town’s general ledger for fiscal year 2011. “We’re working toward reconciling the taxes and we’re hoping to have that done by the end of the week so that the audit can proceed,” Bernard said.

She said if all goes well, the audit could be done by the end of May.

At the March 28 selectmen’s meeting, Bernard said the town’s general operating fund has not been reconciled with its bank account since June 2011. She told the board that she discovered the town’s funds were in disarray during her first week.

Last week, Bernard told the Advertiser Democrat that a bookkeeping error, not fraud, was the reason for the unbalanced accounts. She said that as a result of the independent audit, the town had $348,523 more in the operating account than she’d anticipated.

Bernard said the audit has been suspended for two weeks, but said it could be back on track soon.

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