LEWISTON — The Trinity Jubilee Center soup kitchen serves a hot lunch seven days a week. As part of the center’s new Sponsor a Meal project, the law firm of Leary and Detroy sponsored Easter Weekend at the soup kitchen.

Many who eat at the center are homeless or disabled and are unable to afford food, cannot cook or have no access to a refrigerator or stove. The soup kitchen serves 80 to 100 healthy, filling lunches each day, as well as coffee and bakery items for breakfast. The program is one of five at the center, in addition to a food pantry, resource center, refugee assistance program and warming center.

Leary and Detroy’s sponsorship kicks off the new Sponsor a Meal project. Donors decide to sponsor a day, week or month of meals, choose the date they would like and receive a report on the number of meals served and the menu for their day. Sponsorships can be given as gifts and donors are invited to visit the center and help serve their meal. Sponsorship costs help cover the cost of each meal, including food, drinks, plates, silverware, cups, napkins and cleaning supplies.

Leary and Detroy sponsored Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend. On their three days a total of 408 meals were served, including 191 plates of ham with pineapple, turkey, corn, green beans, stuffing, gravy, rolls, milk and lemonade, apple pie, blueberry pie and strawberry rhubarb pie on Easter Sunday.

For more information on this project, email [email protected]

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