Have the hard-working, tax-paying Maine workers past the age of 40 seen their medical insurance premiums skyrocket lately?

After checking with my insurance carrier, I was told that state legislators had passed legislation (PL90) requiring the over-40 population in Maine to subsidize the cost of medical insurance for the younger sector to make it more affordable for them.

The state insurance bureau said it was based on the over-40 age group requiring more medical attention. The bureau probably does not remember the days when insurance premiums were lower for non-children bearing adults.

As usual, that is the type of legislation people can expect out of the politicians who, incidentally, get a great benefit package from taxpayers.

I think it is time that the so-called representatives for the people, whether here in Maine or in Washington, have to pay the same cost of living as us commoners so they can see how difficult it is trying to make a living in this country. Maybe then they would realize what actions are needed to help the people of this country.

They should try going after the high cost of medical care before ripping off the lowly taxpayers again.

Steve Goulet, Greene

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