RUMFORD — The annual Spring Clean-up by the Public Works Department starts at the end of the month. But residents can begin placing items out after Monday, Town Manager Carlo Puiia said Thursday night.

The cleanup begins April 29. All items must be placed behind the curb by 6 a.m.

Items left out by the curb are not to exceed one pickup truck load for all items. Only one refrigerator or air condition is allowed per household, according to the department’s public notice that Puiia read from.

He said crews will start from Holyoke Avenue to Falmouth Street, Swain Road, Isthmus Road, Highland Park, Swift River Park, and the Virginia neighborhood.

On May 6, the crews will go to Smithcrossing neighborhood, South Rumford, Rumford Center, Rumford Corner and North Rumford.

“There will be no return runs made once a given street is picked up,” Puiia said.

Crews will pick up metal and metal appliances, bulky furniture like mattresses, rugs, window glass, doors or similar items, and televisions and computer monitors, wood, brush and tires.

All wood must be cleaned from any roofing, flooring or plaster. The maximum length is 4 feet. Pressure treated wood and railroad ties must be separated from plain wood.

Brush and vines smaller than an inch in diameter must be tied in bundles. Larger brush with a maximum diameter of 6 inches at the butt end will be chipped. People are advised to place the butt end near the road.

A maximum of four tires is allowed per household, but they must be passenger car tires only.

The following items will not be picked up: refrigerators with doors attached, automobiles, car batteries, commercial truck tires, skidder tires, propane cylinders, rocks, bricks, concrete, chemicals, paint, cardboard, firewood, tree stumps or demolished buildings.

Of those items that wont be picked up, but can be taken to the transfer station are propane cylinders, rocks, bricks and firewood.

“It’s an important service that we do annually, but we did skip one year,” Puiia said.

For more information, contact the transfer station at 364-3645 or the Public Works Department at 364-4481.

In related news, economic development group Envision Rumford is seeking volunteers for a spring cleanup in the downtown area, member Jennifer Kreckel said Friday in a news report.

It will be held starting at 8 a.m. April 27. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Town Hall building on Congress Street.

They will be picking up litter, washing windows, raking, painting, and planting flowers, Kreckel said.

“All those who have community spirit and want to improve the way our downtown looks, please come in work clothes, and with any tools, such as rakes, trowels, work gloves and brooms,” she said.

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