BRUNSWICK — Three cats and 10 kittens found in a duct-taped plastic bin near the Shaw Brothers gravel pit in Freeport Wednesday are in good condition and on their way to foster homes.

Freeport resident Laura Baumli discovered the forsaken felines while walking her dog Wednesday afternoon and took action.

“I thought it was a little strange,” said Baumli, who lives nearby.

Baumli has found cats, kittens and puppies in this area that has become a notorious animal dumping ground, and gave them shelter.

This time, instead of keeping her furry find, she took the short- and medium-hair cats to Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick Thursday morning. The bin was filled with three litters of cats — three, five and seven weeks old — said shelter spokeswoman Jane Siviski. All were in “pretty good shape,” she said.

“They obviously were kittens and cats who had been cared for,” Siviski said. “I suspect someone just became overwhelmed.”

Siviski is not sure how long the cats survived in the plastic box, but Baumli didn’t see it on her morning walk.

The cats could have survived three days without food and water, said Siviski, but the heat and lack of air would have affected the kittens sooner.

The society notified Freeport Police Friday about the discovery. The incident is not under investigation. Anyone with information about the cats should call the Freeport Police at 865-4800.

“Laura did a remarkable thing by helping out as she did. I hope it will inspire people to keep an eye out for boxes and totes on the side of the road,” said Siviski.

At the shelter on Friday the black, fluffy felines seemed no worse for the wear, tumbling playfully into a heap and returning to their mother to nurse.

Fiona, Ferdinand, Flower and the rest of the litter — given “F” names to honor the town where they were rescued — will be available for adoption in a few weeks.

To adopt them contact Coastal Humane Society, or call 725-5051.

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