I find a few ideas worth commenting on in Jonathan Albrecht’s appeal to the Department of Homeland Security, that it focus attention on the illusory threat of Christian terrorism (May 9).

I notice anew how great a gulf lies between liberals and my conservative self — a “white, Christian male under economic stress.” Albrecht’s incomprehension of who I am or what I think or hope or dream declares the measure of the gulf that divides this country, left and right. His undisguised hostility and delusional statements sadly declare the gulf unbridgeable.

Additionally, it seems we old white guys resent it that members of different cultures, colors and lifestyles have supposedly usurped our positions of power and privilege. Albrecht warns that militarized conservatives will surely resort to domestic terrorism to restore their fortunes. He has it all wrong — both with respect to what this old white guy fears and to where America is headed.

I take my country’s recent political and economic experiences and cast them forward in my imagination. I see a time when the Democrat experiment in entitlement politics and politically correct thought stumbles under the load of its own wretched, unchecked excesses. The entitlement checks stop. The once vibrant private economy succumbs to its political parasites. Panicked civil chaos results, not glorious revolution, not militarized right-wing rebellion. Power does not shift to the downtrodden. Instead, every useful social, political and economic structure collapses, as does hope on both sides of a chasm to which Albrecht’s letter powerfully contributes.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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