PARIS — The Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District has announced the 2013 Big Tree Contest is under way and will run through Sept. 15.

Last year the district developed the first Oxford County Register of Big Trees, and the contest ended with three state champions, six nominees for state champion and 18 Oxford County champions.

Over the winter two of the nominees, the striped maple in Byron and the silver maple in West Paris, were added to the state big tree list. The American basswood in Waterford, the eastern hemlock in Ordway Grove and the northern red oak in Lovell are still in the running; and the American chestnut in Hebron has seen a wealth of visitors.

The focus of the contest this year will be to find some of the lesser-known trees such as black and pin cherry, alternate-leaf and Florida dogwood, hawthorn, hornbeam, hophornbeam and nannyberry.

There are also more trees of large stature that have not been nominated, like an American elm, five types of oak and three types of pine.

Over the winter the district began receiving nominations from residents who believe their trees belong in the Oxford County Register of Big Trees, so on May 15 district began going out to measure and photograph the trees.

For more information or to enter the contest, call Jean at 743-5789, ext. 111, or go to and click on the Big Tree Contest.

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