The Sun Journal recently ran two front-page headlines, both of which I find troubling. On May 12 appeared “ GOP ready to rehash Benghazi for years to come,” and on  May 13 was, “Benghazi report defense fails to satisfy GOP.”

Most people have heard many spokespeople in the Obama administration speak the “truth” about the tragedy that took place there; however, now that all the news organizations are investigating that terrorist attack, the truth becomes more elusive.

I take issue with those headlines which, to me, are very polarizing. They indicate that only the GOP is interested in that tragedy, or that it is worthy of further investigation.

I am an American first, party affiliation second, and I am tired of hearing the “truth”; I want to hear the facts.

Patriotic Americans died that day and I would like to get to the bottom of the story — no matter who is calling for the investigation.

Shouldn’t all Americans be calling for the facts?

Mike Cloutier, Auburn

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