Something good could happen in Mexico. After years and years of the selectmen giving a high budget to the taxpayers to vote on without any cuts in it, someone has stepped up to help residents make a change.

Dr. Albert Aniel has taken it upon himself, along with some other concerned taxpayers, to present a petition to the selectmen, asking that they put on the ballot a question that asks the townspeople to cap spending at $2,726,731. To all taxpayers, that would be about a 10 percent cut in taxes.

The selectmen have had the power to cut taxes, but they choose to come to the taxpayers, year after year, and raise taxes. The people have spoken. Those who were not contacted to sign the petition can still do their part by showing up June 11 and voting no to all money articles. Dr. Aniel’s article will be on a separate paper and deserves support.

I do not know about other people, but taking about 15 minutes to vote and getting a 10 percent reduction in taxes is a no-brainer.

It is the townspeople’s choice — their vote, their money. They should show up or shut up on June 11.

Marjorie Richard, Mexico

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