NEWRY — The Mahoosuc Pathways group will host a hike at Puzzle Mountain at 9 a.m. Sunday, June 2, to celebrate the opening of the newly rerouted Woodsum Spur trail.

The opening of the rerouted trail coincides with a promotional effort by Post Grape-Nuts to honor the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary becoming the first man to successfully reach the summit of Mt. Everest, according to Mahoosuc Pathways member Carol Bourque.

“Post Grape-Nuts has decided to select 60 different hikers across the nation to hand out samples of their new Grape-Nuts Fit cereal on the trails and at the summit of one of our mountains,” Bourque explained. “I submitted an application to become involved in this particular program and ended up being selected as one of their ‘Summit Samplers.’”

A news release by Post says each Summit Sampler who finishes the hike and submits a photograph upon completion will receive a $500 check from Post.

Bourque said she will be donating half of her check to Mahoosuc Pathways.

“I figured we could use this opportunity with Post Grape-Nuts to officially showcase the redesign we did on the Woodsum Spur Trail,” Bourque said.

The hike will begin at 9 a.m., and Bourque said it will take between six and eight hours.

“The hike is pretty strenuous, so hikers should be in good physical condition,” Bourque suggested. “However, hikers don’t have to follow at my pace. I will be handing out samples of the Grape-Nuts cereal, so if hikers decide they want to stop before reaching the summit, they’re welcome to. If you want to find me, just look for the woman with the big Grape-Nuts backpack.”

Bourque said there is a ledge about two hours into the hike that offers a “beautiful view of the surrounding land.”

“I’m planning on reaching the summit at noon, so if there are hikers that wish to stay behind, they’re more than welcome to do so,” Bourque said.

Other volunteers with Mahoosuc Pathways will be hiking the trails Sunday, as well as members of the Mahoosuc Land Trust, who helped fund the redesign of the Woodsum Spur trail.

“Members of Mahoosuc Pathways and the land trust will be available to answer any questions about the new trail,” Bourque said.

For more information, call Mahoosuc Pathways at 200-8240.

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