Deb Snyder’s life is touched in many ways by the spiritual. She’s a spiritual teacher, author on intuitive parenting and she once received a “form of energy communication” from her daughter that helped save the little girl’s life. Snyder has also written a pair of self-published books for children about what dogs and cats can teach humans about life. Her goal? Heart-centered living for all.

Name: Deb Snyder

Age: 43

Town: Bridgton

Family: Married to my husband, Mark Storck, for 21 years. One beautiful daughter, Raegan, age 13, and one handsome adult stepson, Graham.

Job: Author, speaker, spiritual teacher and founding director of The HeartGlow Center.

Where you always interested in the spiritual? Yes. I have always felt very connected to spirit, never doubted it. However, it wasn’t until my daughter’s birth that I began to truly perceive the interconnectedness of all things and see spirit in everything around us all, at all times, and truly feel the spirit flow freely within my own heart.

You’ve said that your daughter, Raegan Aria, used a form of energy communication to reach out to you during a medical crisis. What happened? Raegan was born with a rare brain malformation, leaving her profoundly disabled without the ability to walk, talk or develop normally. When she was nearly 3 years old, she had surgery to place a feeding tube, and experienced severe complications. The medical team had no clear answers as to why she wasn’t doing well and we watched our daughter’s life begin to slowly slip away. During a moment of stillness, Raegan told me from her heart to mine that she had something “growing” in her throat. We pushed for more tests to see what this message meant. Raegan was correct! A stitch had been misplaced during her surgery, causing scar tissue to grow, blocking her esophagus and ability to swallow normally.

Your website talks a lot about “heart-centered living.” What does that mean? Simply put it means to live a life focused on love! We are all love, connected to one another by the light which resides in us all. Living a heart-centered life is making the choice to be in this heighten state of awareness and being conscious of how we interact with others and the impact we have on our world. It is being open and accepting of others and bringing your most authentic, vibrant self to the world. It is choosing to radiate and not drain.

What prompted you to write your “Intuitive Parenting” book? I wrote “Intuitive Parenting” to help educate others on energy communication and the powerful shifts possible when living a heart-centered life. If we can do it, so can they! These are natural abilities which we all have that can be developed further through simple techniques and practices. My experience with my own child is a poignant example, as Raegan reached beyond profound limits to express crucial information energetically.

What got you writing “The Dogma of Dogs for Kids” and “The Dogma of Cats for Kids” books? I thought it would be a fun way to convey important life lessons to children. I love animals and they have so much to teach us about living happy, heart-centered lives. I am a “cat person,” so began there, then the “dog people” in my life requested a dog version. The species are very different, thus have unique lessons to teach us.

You have four cats of your own. Do they have an opinion on your “Dogma of Cats” book? They love it, especially Cagney, who is the star of the book. They are withholding judgment on the dog book. Seriously, my cats have taught me many things, they bring me great happiness and I have always felt deeply connected with them.

Tell me about the HeartGlow Center: The HeartGlow Center is a newly founded 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization that supports special needs families through a number of programs, specifically aimed at the family caregiver — the family members caring for a disabled child or an ailing parent, for example. It is a difficult path that often goes unrecognized with few supports in place. Our organization believes there is no greater work than providing loving care for the most vulnerable in our society. Our mission to honor and assist caregivers is based on a deep respect for their sacred devotion to those they care for. We hope one day to offer a caregiver respite center in the Lakes Region of Maine. Until then, we offer small gifts of renewal, education, respite and support to caregivers within special needs families.

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