Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of every June, and in the past, you have always purchased a gift for both your father and your husband. Now that the kids are getting older, you’d like to get them involved in the gift giving and make a gift for your dad and your husband.

Just one search online or at your local library or bookstore will uncover hundreds of gifts that you and your kids can make for Father’s Day. Here are five examples.


For this project, you will need a plain apron, cardboard, craft paint, brushes and fabric markers. To make the apron, wash and dry the apron and iron out any creases in the fabric. Lay a piece of cardboard on a flat surface with the apron on top. This will prevent the paint from seeping through. Give your kids some brushes and paint and allow them to decorate the front side of the apron any way they like. Use the markers to write the name of the recipient on the front. Let the apron dry and wrap it up for Father’s Day.


For this project, you will need a clock kit, various household items to serve as the base and numbers, a drill and some brushes and craft paint. Almost anything can serve as a base from an old book cover to a plate to a piece of wood. Numbers may be drawn on the face of the clock or small objects like beads, seashells or toy cars may be used instead. To make the clock, drill a small hole through the center of the base. Then have your kids decorate the base using the paint. Insert the clock hands through the hole in the base, attach the mechanism to the back and wrap it up for Father’s Day.

Picture Frames

For this project, you will need picture frames in all shapes and sizes, craft paint, brushes, markers, wooden stickers and photos. To get started, have your kids look through the photo albums for some pictures to insert in the frames. Then instruct them to select some frames and decorate them with the paint, markers and stickers. Let the frames dry, insert the photos and wrap them up for Father’s Day.

Sports Key Chains

For this project, you will need some wooden craft balls, acrylic paint, brushes, markers, sealer, nails, screw eyes and metal key rings. To make the key chains, give your kids some craft balls and have them paint them to resemble sports balls, like baseballs, basketballs, golf balls, soccer balls, etc. They may use the markers to make any lines or stitches on the balls. Let the balls dry and spray them with sealer. Hammer a nail into each of the balls to create a small hole. Insert a screw eye into each hole and twist into place. Attach a key chain to the screw eyes and wrap them up for Father’s Day.

Stress Bag

For this project, you will need a 15×7-inch piece of fabric and dried beans or rice. To make the bag, fold the material in half and stitch around the edges, leaving a hole in the end. Have your kids fill the bag with beans or rice. Stitch or tie the end closed and wrap it up for Father’s Day.

These are just some of the many gifts you and the kids could sit down and make for the special guys in your life this Father’s Day. Just remember to use caution with any project, play it safe and have fun.

More gifts for dad made with love

By Ronda Addy

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are notorious for homemade gifts, but truth be told how many hand-shaped ashtrays does one need? This year, why not give Dad something else? Need some ideas? Try these.

A key keeper will work well for Dad as well as the whole family. Materials needed include:

• Paint stirrers or flat wooden spoons

• Markers

• Yarn

• 2-1/2×12″ pine board

• Glue

• Screw-in hooks

• 2 picture hangers

Decorate the stirrers or spoons to resemble family members using yarn for hair, markers and other items like buttons or googly eyes. Glue the stirrers on the pine board, making sure they are evenly spaced. After the glue has dried, screw a hook into the board below each family member, giving them their own spot to hang a key. Attach the picture hangers to the back of the pine board and hang.

To create a nuts-about-you-Dad jar, you will need:

• Jar with a lid

• Sandpaper

• Epoxy glue

• Peanuts or some other type of nut

• Tacky glue

• Gold spray paint

• Paper

• Pens and markers

• Rubber cement

If using a metal lid, sand it first. Then spread a layer of epoxy glue on top of the lid. Mix a small amount of glue in some of the peanuts and stick them on top of the lid. Let dry, and then using tacky glue, glue the remainder of the nuts on top of the lid to form a pile. Let dry and paint the peanuts gold. Make a label for the jar and glue it into place using rubber cement.

To create a my-kids-walk-all-over-me shirt, you will need:

• Light-colored T-shirt

• Fabric paint

• Paintbrush

• Cardboard placed inside the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through

• Fabric paint pens

Lay the shirt on the floor. Have each child in the family select a color of fabric paint, apply some to their feet and walk across the front of the shirt. Let the shirt dry and then repeat the process on the backside. Once the paint is dry, write the name of each child by their footprints.

To make a Father’s Day book, you will need:

• 12×18″ piece of construction paper

• Scissors

• Glue

• Crayons, markers and fabric pieces

• 7×9″ white copy paper

• Stapler and staples

Fold the construction paper in half so it makes a 12×9″ card; the fold should serve as the top. Cut a 4″ slit on both sides of the card about an inch down and parallel to the fold. Fold down the flaps diagonally to make the shirt collar. Glue the ends to the card. Create the shirt design using crayons, markers and fabric pieces. Make a pocket or a tie for the shirt using fabric or construction paper. Take several sheets of the white copy paper and staple them between the book covers. Illustrate the book with drawings or magazine pictures of things you like to do with Dad.

To make a Dad picture frame, you will need:

• Pencil

• Heavy paper

• Scissors

• Three small pictures

• Glue

Write “DAD” in large letters on the heavy paper, making sure the letters are large enough to display photos when cut out. Cut out the letters and glue the photos onto the back of the paper frame. Cut two triangular pieces of heavy paper the same length as the letters are high. Fold over the top 1/2″ of each flap and glue them onto the back of the frame.

Homemade gifts are a much more personal way to say, “I love you.” There is a great deal of crafts that can be made for Father’s Day. These are just a few.

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