Stepfathers play an important role in families, and often it is not easy. Many have to overcome a different set of challenges than biological fathers and take on extra responsibilities. This Father’s Day, make sure your stepfather knows how much you appreciate him.

Start by giving your stepfather a nice card and presenting him with breakfast in bed. Give him a hug, a bouquet of his favorite flowers and a handwritten note or poem expressing your feelings.

Spend some time with your stepfather. Take him to lunch, join him for an outdoor activity like camping, hiking or horseback riding, go to a sporting event or take a long drive. Talk with him and show him how much you enjoy his company.

Don’t forget a gift for your stepfather. Unless you can personalize it in some way, it’s probably not a good idea to give your father and stepfather the same gift. You don’t want to cause hurt feelings. The gift you select should reflect your stepfather’s likes. Some ideas include:

• Tickets to a sporting event, movie theater, museum or zoo

• Homemade tickets for activities like going golfing or a trip to an ice cream parlor or fast food restaurant

• Themed gift baskets or ties

• New wallet with family photos or unusual dollar bills-you can also tuck any tickets inside

• Variety of socks for different purposes such as hunting or playing basketball

It’s important you make your stepfather feel loved and wanted. Use this Father’s Day to show him how special he is and how much you care about him.

Consider putting together a coupon book of things the two of you can do together. Include tickets to the movies, zoo, museum and various sporting events. Include tickets for a trip to a fast food restaurant, a father/child movie night, a round of bowling or miniature golf, or a trip to a batting cage. The only limits to the coupon book are the likes and dislikes of your stepfather and the activities in your area.

What does your stepfather like to do? Take that and turn it into a gift basket. There is no limit to the themes you can have from cars to fishing and hunting to food and entertainment.

If a coupon book or gift basket isn’t your thing, consider giving your stepfather the basics with a twist. Instead of a tie, give him a set of themed ties in his favorite color. Instead of a pair of socks, give him a variety of socks in colors other than black, white and gray (ankle length, knee length, slipper socks, golf socks, hunting socks, etc.). If you opt to give him a new wallet, include some family photos and some type of unique bill.

For those of you who cannot visit your stepfather on Father’s Day, consider sending him a video or scrapbook of the things you did together. Father’s Day is also a good day to mend fences if you and your stepfather haven’t seen eye to eye lately. Giving him a gift or a card can show him how much you care about him and the relationship you have with him.

Although stepfathers are present in many households, it is easy to overlook them on Father’s Day. This year, remember all of the men in your life who have stepped up to the challenge of fatherhood.

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