While neighbors bicker publicly over trivialities such as offensive mailbox designs and gossip about suspicious newcomers, they privately struggle to navigate deeper issues — scandal, loss, failed ambitions, the scars of war and a mysterious dead body in the woods.

With her trademark wit and keen eye for detail, Pelletier has assembled an unforgettable cast of endearing and eccentric characters, from scheming mailmen and peeping toms to lovesick waitresses and loggers whose underhandedness belies their ingenuity. The citizens of Mattagash will make you laugh and cheer for them as they stumble into one another’s lives and strive to define themselves in a changing world that threatens to leave them behind.

“The One-Way Bridge” is an unforgettable portrait of loneliness, family, and community — and the kinds of changes we make for love.

Pelletier will be at Books N Things, 430 Main Street, at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 29, to sign and discuss her books. “The One-Way Bridge” is currently available for purchase in the store. For more information, call 207-739-6200.

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