For some people, apologizing after making derogatory statements, or after having treated someone with contempt, doesn’t come easy.

I am referring to the president of the United States and the governor of Maine.

When Mitt Romney demanded an apology for comments made to lower his reputation, President Obama showed a lack of respect by refusing Romney’s request.

I have always found Obama to be repugnant. Furthermore, he should apologize to the American people for bringing this country to a condition of near insolvency while so many suffered the pain of no job, no health insurance and so many mortgage foreclosures.

The light at the end of the tunnel will soon burn out because of his inability to do his job as president, especially foreign affairs (as in Afghanistan).

Closer to home, the people of Maine elected a governor who is obnoxious in nature, has a distasteful vocabulary, lacks diplomacy and other capabilities of being a governor. As long as LePage is governor, Maine will remain at the bottom of the barrel with residents crying for relief.

President Obama and Gov. LePage are both incapable of doing their respective jobs, but very capable of character assassination (Obama) and using his mouth rather than his brain in representing the state of Maine (LePage). Both are not sensible enough to apologize after offending people, although the governor will apologize if he is pressured enough.

Robert Lacombe, Sabattus

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