DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to commend someone for a job well done and beyond the call of duty.

A young fellow named Mike who works for Dead River came to my house to install a propane tank for me. I carefully washed the stove inside and out, and the cupboards, because I knew he’d have to move the stove. I had not moved the stove because I was afraid I’d disturb the propane line.

Well, when he moved it out of its place, the dust and grease on the sides of the stove and cupboards and floor was really embarrassing.

While he was doing his technical work, I was trying to clean it up using a spatula to help scrape up some of the mess so I could wash the area.

I am almost 80 years old and have artificial hips, so I could not get down there real well. When Mike saw me trying to do this, sweat pouring off my face, he said, oh, please, Mrs. Libby, let me do that for you.

I sat down and this technician cleaned up the awful mess, a job he did not have to do. He said all the right things to help me not be embarrassed about it.

There are still so many good people out there, and he sure is one of them. Good points for him and for Dead River for employing a man who is exceptional at his work. My heart says thank you for the over and beyond job well done. — Jeannette Libby, Auburn

ANSWER: The Fourth of July seems like a good day to share some stories about the good things Mainers do for each other. Read on.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a joy to share.

At the end of the Mexico Congregational Church’s patriotic sing-along concert, George Byam took my friends, 92 and 97 years young, and me down in the elevator for pie and coffee.

When we were ready, he took us back up. Then he went to get my car in the parking lot to bring it to a convenient exit. Then he waited, still smiling, until we were all in the car, ready to go.

George gave us all a wonderful end to a very nice evening. Thank the Lord for all of the Georges in the world! — Peggy, [email protected]

HI, MS. SUN SPOTS: Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for including the River Valley Animal Advocates’ request for donations for its plant sale (May 27). We received many replies from the great people who read it!

We were able to raise enough money at our sale to spay and give rabies shots to 13 female cats in our area. Just those 13 could produce more than 200 kittens every year of their lives.

The support we get for our group means so much to us! Thanks to you and your readers (especially two new friends. Liz and Hildy) for their generosity (a truckload of plants). Take care. — Becky McDonald, River Valley Animal Advocates

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I just want to acknowledge that there are still a lot of caring people in this world.

I was at Walmart having my groceries checked out and I mentioned to the cashier that that day, June 14, was my birthday. Of course, she wished me happy birthday, as did the young man behind me.

Going out to the parking lot with my groceries, I heard a voice saying “ma’am, ma’am.” I turned around, and it was the young man from the checkout line with a nice bouquet of flowers.

He gave them to me, gave me a hug and then disappeared like an angel.

He made my day so special. It’s one that I won’t forget. — Simonne Paul, Lewiston

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