LEWISTON — The city could have another packed ballot this November — at least in the race for mayor.

Five candidates are passing petitions to get their names in the race for the mayor’s chair. They include Mayor Robert Macdonald; former Mayor Laurent “Larry” Gilbert; Mike Marcotte, a member of the city’s Finance Committee; Charles Soule and Stanley Pelletier. Both Soule and Pelletier ran for the office in 2011.

Nominating petitions are available at the City Clerk’s office in City Hall. All seats for the city councils and School Committees are open.

That includes the mayor, councilors for all seven wards, School Committee members for all seven wards and the at-large School Committee seat.

Prospective candidates need to gather between 100 and 200 signatures from registered Lewiston voters.

Those seeking City Council or School Committee seats must gather at least 50 signatures of registered voters from their ward. At-large School Committee candidates can gather signatures from any registered voter.

Petitions must be filed by Sept. 6. The election is scheduled for Nov. 5. The terms for the newly elected officials begin in January 2014.

[email protected]

Candidates seeking ballot nominations


Charles A. Soule, 135 Bartlett St.

Robert E. Macdonald, 6 Jolin St.

Michael Marcotte, 12 O’Connell St.

Stanley Pelletier, 28 Surrey Lane

Laurent F. Gilbert, 39 Cote St.

City Council

Ward 1, John T. Butler, 20 Ware St.

Ward 3, Nathan Libbey, 12 Orange St.

Ward 5, Kristen Cloutier, 33 Charles St.; and Richard White, 232 Blake St.

Ward 7, Mike Lachance, 183 Rosedale St.

School Committee

At Large, Zam Zam Mohamud, 66 Tall Pines Dr.

Ward 2, Paul St. Pierre, 12 Venture St.

Ward 3, Trin Burpee, 253 Pine St.

Ward 6, Dawn Hartill, 75 Summit Ave.

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