In 1975, I became an engineering physicist because both the media and politicians of the day warned the public that carbon dioxide was the cause of global cooling. If we didn’t let governments control every bit of our lives, glaciers would rise, ocean levels would fall and civilization, as we knew it, would end.

On July 3, I read the Sun Journal’s editorial titled “Maine is still in denial about climate change.” It stated that the media and politicians of today warn us all that carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming, and if we don’t let governments control every bit of our lives, glaciers will melt, oceans will rise and civilization, as we know it, will end.

Thank God, Mainers have more common sense than the media and politicians. Mainers must be aware of three fundamental truths.

According to online resources, water vapor comprises 95 percent of what are considered greenhouse gases surrounding the planet. Anthropogenic (man-made) carbon dioxide is negligible at 0.117 percent.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a critical plant food. Without it, plants could not thrive and produce the oxygen we breathe.

The Earth goes through cooling/warming cycles. There was global cooling during the 1940s-1970s; global warming in the 1970s-1990s. Many climate scientists believe global cooling has returned since 2002 and will continue through 2030.

Savvy Mainers don’t want tax money used to combat natural climate cycles.

Michael Brakey, New Gloucester

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