Concerning insurance plans, some people put their money into a health care account at a bank or credit union. Thus, they do not lose the money invested if they lose their jobs, move elsewhere or to another employer. Or, if they are too poor to pay premiums, they lose all money invested from years before.

I lost several thousand dollars I had invested after paying into a health insurance policy for years. None of it was returned to me.

If one is stuck paying a high deductible plan, that person pays both for the premiums and out-of-pocket expenses before the insurance company starts paying the bill. I have been there, done that. I could not afford to pay both places. I had to pay, out of pocket, a $1,000 medical bill. It took me a year or so. Then the deductible began all over again the next year.

So, I gave up the insurance. I am better off without it. I pay the dentist a little at a time. I paid a local hospital for knee surgery the same way. The same for surgeons, pathology, X-rays, etc.

Why waste money on premiums if the insurance companies never cover medical problems until that deductible is paid?

So why pay a penalty if one is not insured? Are we being bullied into submission by those who want to get rich quick by imposing penalties if we do not buy their plans?

Gabrielle DeMoras, Lewiston

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