Had enough yet?

Camp Run-a-muck, a.k.a. the Obama administration, is working overtime on dozens of scandals, screw-ups and embarrassments.

Some recent issues include:

1. Benghazi: Four U.S. citizens, including the ambassador, were murdered by Islamic terrorists. No action taken by the president and State Department. Instead, 10 months of lies and still no investigation. Who, how many, where are the survivors ?

2. I.R.S.: Hundreds of conservative organizations harassed and denied tax-exempt status though two election cycles for different policy views. It continues.

3. Fast and Furious: A government gun-running scheme into Mexico resulting in the death of one border agent and several Mexicans killed. No real Department of Justice action.


4. Edward Snowden: The whistleblower’s whereabouts and attempts for asylum continue to elude the NSA, FBI and CIA, allowing the world to see this country’s stupidity.

5. Immigration: The Senate has passed (without reading or debating) a 2,000-plus page flawed bill, laden with pork and with many felony waivers for illegal aliens. And, the incompetent Homeland Security Department has the authority to control border security.

That should be more than enough for more people to demand some answers. But the corrupt national media ask no questions and waste valuable time reporting on changing the definition of marriage, criminal professional sports figures and other absurdities instead of informing the public about a world in desperate need of leadership.

Again, had enough yet?

George Jones, Otisfield

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