Gov. Paul LePage said, in one of his interviews, that he was offended by what one of the state senators said about him. I would say that LePage was the only one who was offended. But he doesn’t mind offending, or hurting, hundreds of people. For example, ending the circuit breaker program for renter rebates.

I agree with Rolande Caron (letter, Aug. 2). The lower class pays the price for being poor. And, yes, as she wrote, it is time for Mainers to force lawmakers to address the “elephant walker” in the halls of the capital.

I am glad to see that some eyes are finally being opened. I have been talking about such things since the governor took office.

Yes, getting a governor who could be rated in the top 10 is exactly what this state and its people need. It is not too late to vote LePage out of office. I am so glad that others are agreeing with me.

Phyllis Caron, Lewiston

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