OXFORD — Oxford Aviation has resumed full repair and maintenance operations one month after its federal repair certification was suspended. 

In a statement released Aug. 21, FAA spokesperson Arlene Salac said the agency restored Oxford Aviation’s Operations Specifications on Aug. 19, after reviewing the company’s management personnel. 

Operation specifications refer to Oxford Aviation’s Part 145 Repair Certification, required to preform structural and mechanical repairs and aircraft maintenance. 

The company specializes in interior and exterior aircraft painting and refurbishment as well as maintenance and repairs. 

“The FAA completed a review of Oxford’s management personnel, including its newly hired Director of Maintenance,” Salac said in the statement. “This action allows the company to resume preforming aircraft maintenance.”

On Friday, Oxford Aviation President Jim Horowitz said the brief suspension of the company’s certification was the result of a policy adjustment from the FAA’s Flight Standards District Office in Portland relating to how aircraft maintenance companies report changes in management and personnel.


“We made a position change within senior management, and the procedure we used to achieve that was no longer an approved method,” Horowitz said. 

The suspension of its certification put the company’s work schedule slightly behind, but the delay wasn’t serious, Horowitz said. 

Although he was unaware of the policy change at the time, Horowitz said Oxford Aviation is fully briefed on future expectations. 

“We know how to do that going forward, and we will use the new process and method in any changes in staffing and employee position changes, and it won’t happen again,” he said.

“Now we are in good standing with the FAA and we are fully confident we will stay there.”

The company, which has been in operation since 1989, employs 60 people at its 40,000-square-foot space at the Oxford County Regional Airport, off Number Six Road in Oxford.


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