Tyson Morgan

Macalester College, English major, graduated May 2009

Current hometown: Houston, Texas

Age: 26

Live at home/rent/buy your own home? Rent

Current job? Teaching assistant (I’m a graduate student at the University of Houston).


Enjoy what you do? Enough.

Major milestones the last four years: Moved from Minneapolis to Houston to start grad school.

If you’re comfortable sharing, how much college debt are you still carrying? A gentleman never tells.

So, the big question: Was it worth it? Yes. I learned a lot about the field I was interested in, English. That said, I don’t know if it would have been worth it had I not been so interested in something that required a college degree. Maybe I would’ve been better off entering the work force directly out of high school. Who knows.

Is your job now related to your major? Yes, I teach composition and literature classes.

Please finish this sentence: “When it came to college, my parents were right about . . .” Sorry, my parents never gave me a sit-down talk about college.


What are you hoping for as you look out over the next 10 years, personally and professionally? Hoping to become a published fiction writer and a creative writing professor. Hoping to travel to interesting places during my time off, play in a rec basketball league, learn to work on my car, continue to build my sneaker collection.

Do you feel your college experience plays any role in those goals? Yes; I’m still in the field I was interested in during college. I’m still inspired by the people who taught me there and the people I went to school with.

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