So, David Marsters chose wrong words and was quoted out of context when he said on Facebook to shoot the President. Then he elaborated on his obscene comment in interviews.

Marsters claimed that what he said was out of frustration over the man.

I am 72 years old, raised in New England, living now in Kansas. Let me be clear. I absolutely disdained George Bush’s presidency. I did so over Bush’s lies that led this country into a disastrous 10-year war — perhaps the worst of his litany of transgressions. Never, in all those years of anguish did I ever wish him shot, or wished his death. I lived through the killing of one American president and the near killing of a second. The turmoil and grief that this nation experienced in both cases was like what happened when the U.S. was attacked in 2001.

Marsters wishes immense horror on his fellow Americans. He should forever be banned from any position with any responsibility.

Shame on Marsters, a former police officer, a man who claims to want to serve his community.

James Guglielmino, Mission, Kansas

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